the lamp L'Light

the lamp L'Light
The «L’Light» design lamp series is  inspired by the idea of more...
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  • Title: The lamp L'Light
  • Author: architect Natalia Oleksienko
  • Studio: Evolutionary Architecture
The «L’Light» design lamp series is  inspired by the idea of the Universe as a giant musical instrument.
 L-shaped designs of the lamp, as if created in order to fill the space with light and sound.
The core of the lamp ingot can be used in different materials in order to achieve different “sound” in the interior:  brass, concrete, ceramics, glass.
The L’Light single lamp is the basis of the series.
L-shaped structure is the same for all types of lamps:
for single ceiling, for compositions in the form of chandeliers for floor lamps and wall lamps.
This optimizes production.
The development of the series is based on the repetition of lamps of different lengths with different turning angles and different rhythms of repetitions of the L’Light lamp itself.
The total length and height of the L-shaped element can vary every 10 cm, starting from 50cm and more.
Diversity is also achieved using different materials of the main element - ingot. The main decorative removable element can be applied in various materials: brass, concrete, ceramics, glass.
The light source is a frosted glass cover. The plane of its glow is directed up and down, which is achieved by a soft and uniform light.
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