Urban Tech Ukraine/UTU

Urban Tech Ukraine/UTU
Urban Tech Ukraine /UTU/ is a unique open-air communication platform. more...
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  • Title: Urban Tech Ukraine/UTU
  • Author: Natalia Oleksienko, architect
  • Studio: Oleksienko Architects
  • Function: public space
  • Status: Implemented 2018
  • Land area: 0,0982 ha
  • Location: IEC International Exhibition Center, 15 Brovarsky Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine
Urban Tech Ukraine /UTU/ is a unique open-air communication platform. Architectural forms, scientific knowledge, modern technologies embodied in UTU and have become a real tool of knowledge, communication, free manifestation of the creative potential of everyone who shares the value of open expression.

UTU is the practical embodiment of the ideas of urbanism. Where the satisfaction of the needs of a resident of a modern city in communication, cultural enrichment, creative implementation are in the spotlight and find their unique solution with the help of architecture and technology.

The bold and provocative concept of the UTU space was developed by the architect Natalia Oleksienko and her studio “Evolutionary Architecture”. “Each new idea is based on a view from a different angle,” the architect believes and offers to study this phenomenon to all conference participants, where UTU will also be exhibited.

The UTU space is an innovative tool of the urbanist, designed in an open landscape solution in the form of portals and an auditorium. Portals are a concentrated view of the Universe in the format of conceptual designs with three large screens that open up a limitless world of information and at the same time are a free platform for creative implementation. All of them are located in different directions, each under its own slope, the angle of which is not determined by chance. For the first time, communication participants will be motivated to look for their position for better perception, to compare, analyze. Space requires all those present to actively interact with the entire environment. This is precisely what the main message of the project’s author, architect Natalia Oleksienko, conveys: everything needs to be looked at from different angles, not to be indifferent, to take an active position, to communicate, express oneself, to do this naturally and naturally, erasing the uncomfortable, but familiar boundaries and restrictions of the urban lifestyle.

Photographer: Andriy Avdeyenko 
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