Villa Apis

Implimented project
Villa Apis
Villa Apis is an architecture of an active interaction of space, more...
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  • Title: Villa Apis
  • Author: architect Natalia Oleksienko
  • Studio: Oleksienko Architects
  • Function: single-family residence
  • Status: Implimented project (2021)
  • Land area: 0,0982 ha; House area 450 m2
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Villa Apis is an architecture of an active interaction of space, impressions and ideas. We set a task to design a house like a living tool which will help to set new sensations, an intuition, a good mood, an inspiration. To do this, we examined the geolocation of the site on the larger scale. In the center of the scheme, we placed the source — the sun and marked the sector of its influence. The main feature is that on the south side there is a long neighboring area. And in the north the magnificent view opens — we look at the crowns of age-old trees. Schematically we marked the priority trends. This is not the first project in our practice, when we are forced to open the house in the northern direction and isolate from the southern sun. In this project the power of imagination is the priority. All the stained-glass windows are facing the side with a breathtaking view. That’s why we’re paying so much attention to the energy saving and energy efficient solutions.

Photographers: Andriy Avdeyenko, Ivan Avdeyenko
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