The Lights Bang

The Lights Bang
Everything that we see around has a beginning. Scientists claim that more...
lamp design
lamp design
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  • Title: Lamp set “The Lights Bang”
  • Studio: Evolutionary Architecture
  • Function: Lamp ROD: /ceiling/ diameter — 1400 mm, height — 500 mm, fastening length — +500 mm in height (it is permissible to attach to a cable of any length). Torchere ROD: /floor/ diameter — 1200 mm, height — 2100 mm.
Everything that we see around has a beginning. Scientists claim that our Universe arose as a result of the Big Bang. Just like physicists try to unravel the mystery of the birth of the Universe, we, for our part, decided to unravel the mystery of the origin of the idea of first-creation. Each idea starts with something. At the moment of birth, it is more like a flash of light, which, breaking out of the darkness, immediately spreads in all ways and directions. Like a light, the idea instantly fills up the whole area of your consciousness, continuing to live in it with her own life and evolve according to its laws. In this way the beginning of the set of lamps “The Bang” was laid. They are like a snapshot, like a freeze-frame, like an imprint of the first seconds of an explosion of an idea that, with its birth, immediately begins its evolution in the material world. And who knows where and when it will reach its peak?! The analogies allowed us to see the absolute similarity of our image with the shape of most galaxies, miniature copies of which, by enchanting coincidence, are represented in huge numbers in nature in the form of bird nests. We see the regularity: The Big Bang, the explosion of the idea, the shape of the galaxy, the shape of the nest – all this is one Universe, which is our home.

Photographer: Andriy Avdeyenko 
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