Villa Larus

Villa Larus
Sometimes, even a flat plot in a regular residential area can become more...
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  • Author: architect Natalia Oleksienko
Sometimes, even a flat plot in a regular residential area can become the birthplace of an extraordinary architectural object. Villa Larus - Detached house in contemporary style. The ease and expressiveness of its details, speaker volume, embodied the idea of ​​free flight in the architectural solutions. The image of the bird (lat. Larus -chayka) arose spontaneously. Author of the project architect Natalia Oleksienko blogged that the first sketch of house plan - V-shaped stroke, recalls rapidly flying seagull, which correspond to the two wings chёtkomu functional zoning of the building. The side facing north "beak" Birds - the entrance to the house, and to the south reveals the "tail" as a spacious terrace. The southern facade, literally, will open in the direction of the sun, the north the same side of the street looks closed, like a modern fortress and forms a single composition with the fence area. Terrace with a growing tree on it, one of the wishes of the customer, became the starting point for the development of the project. The architect believes that the language of modern architecture not only meets aesthetic requirements of the time, but also allows us to solve the housing issues of ecology in a changed climate. "We work a lot on the premises insolation and energy-saving properties of the building," - says Natalia Oleksienko. Glazing of the living room and the swimming pool, for example, on the south side, combined with a characteristic canopy over the terrace, allow to regulate flow of light and heat in the room at different times of the year. From the summer sun at its zenith reliably protects a vast canopy, and the low winter sun warms the deep living space.
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