Shadows And Shades

Shadows And Shades
Garage Design Gallery “Shadows and Shades” acts like a gallery of more...
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  • Title: Design Garage Gallery «Shadows And Shades»
  • Author: Natalia Oleksienko
  • Studio: Evolutionary Architecture
  • Function: Public interior
  • Status: implemented (2017)
  • Land area: 184 sq.m.
  • Location: RC «Boulevard of Fountains», Kyiv, Ukraine
Garage Design Gallery “Shadows and Shades” acts like a gallery of contemporary architectural lights and displays possibilities of using the light as a tool to organize whole architectural and interior space. The gallery is a multifunctional space, which can be used for different purposes. Two parts of the gallery emphasize and enrich each other. When we stay in a minimalistic style zone, we can enjoy the view of the incrustation of the other zone. And when we are in the part of decorative lights, our eyes can get rest on the simple and clear surfaces of the minimalistic zone. We have applied a number of unique architectural solutions in our project. A display tunnel is one of them. We have created a movable frame consisting of three parts, which can function as a display tunnel being assembled together or can be used separately.

A movable partition is another one designed to modify functional zones. Besides, the movable partition is used in the part of decorative light. This solution allows us to keep the space open and fill it with rich textures like copper and metal in patina on partition. The floor of the other part is a carpet made of Metllach tiles, modern ceramics, concrete, wood and metal. It looks like incrustation and is a true art object. Following the idea of duality in our gallery we keep the walls in the original state of red brick and concrete. The same we’ve done with the ceiling. We use the brick as a message to remind about outdoor area and as a slight hint of garage style. We have created street art painting on some walls as a part of the concept of exterior in interior esign. It brings colours and scale into interior.

Photographer: Andriy Avdeyenko 
  • Art Space Interior Awwards 2019
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